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How bout an Easter Egg hunt?

I grabbed the first thing that came up on GIS and it was this:

So now I'm gonna go hide some of them and when you find them, hidden in strategically placed areas around the site (in old stories pretty much), then comment in the comments area here. I'm not having you email the location cause once it's found, it's found.

We'll decide on prizes later. I haven't hidden any yet so don't start... Give me a second...

OK They're hidden... GO!

And here I am... I'm a dumbass. I hid them, but I forgot to count how many are out there... I'm guessing a dozen.

Also, if nobody plays, then I've forgotten where I put them so anything that doesn't get picked up will be found next year.

One tip... They won't always just be in the main part of the story... Sometimes you have to click "Read more"... Also, some of them are in the diaries.