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Rounding it up

Tough start to the weekend. So far the 3-4-5 is failing to live up to Shakira status (Best Rear End Rotation). Maybe it's part hard luck. Maybe it's part being squeezed. Maybe it's also cause our offense decided to cool off a bit. Nevertheless, I don't want to see the wrong end of .500 today. Here's what I'd like to see happen as we start in on the second week of the season.

  • The Crushin' Russian needs to start more crushin' and less rushin' (media outlets are free to use that. credit to gaslampall). Don't be so quick to jump after the fly balls. Khalil is there. Normally, it would be Khalil's fault for not ever properly calling people off, but the rookie needs to learn what's around him. And what's around him is a Vulcan.

  • Let's not take anything for granted anymore. Everybody knows that Khalil's not going to speak, much less call for balls. Let's micro-manage a little bit. When a pitcher gets a ball to pop up to the infield, his job isn't over. The ball is in play until it's no longer in play. Why not captain the infield defense just a little bit before going to the rosin bag and glancing around the stands for groupies? A simple, "Careful not to crash into each other" would suffice.

  • needs to quit sucking. I'm gonna write an email, but to tease me with a great looking Channel 4 feed for a few innings before inexplicably switching over to the crap ass FSN feed is really inexcusable. If I had started with the FSN feed then that would be fine, just knowing that there was a preferable feed and not being able to get to it sucks ass.
Let's experience a win tonight. GO PADRES!