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Maintaining blogger street cred: We hate Colin Cowherd too

Woah. There's like a whole angry mob of bloggers lighting torches and gathering material for Molotov cocktails...

OK. Before anybody starts pointing in our direction yelling, "Hey look! They're not saying anything! They must be with him!" We just want to make it clear that for the record, Gaslamp Ball hates Colin Cowherd too. That's just right at this moment, and it's nothing real personal or anything, but we don't want the angry mob of bloggers that's gathered to think that we're not cool. Cause hey. We're cool. No, we don't mind if you guys smoke. That's cool too.

Just don't hurt us, angry mob of bloggers.

Hey, you guys don't like him? Neither do we, yo. You want us to carry a pitchfork and a torch? I mean, sure. Just cause we're standing towards the back of this angry mob of bloggers doesn't mean we're not as angry. Look. Grrrr. That's anger.

Hey what do you mean we don't look like we mean it? Hey we mean it, man. You guys don't like Cowherd. We don't like Cowherd. We toe the line, dude. Ain't nobody stepping out of line here.