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SF is F'n Cold

"The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco." -- Mark Twain

I've heard that Twain didn't actually make this statement, but if he didn't say it then I will.

Actually I'm probably not as poetic.  I'd probably just say something like "I just about froze my jock off at the game last night".

Turns out that I'm not really good at packing warm clothes.  We parked about 5 blocks away from the park and as we walked in, we must have crossed the Arctic Circle.  Swirling winds poured fog into the ballpark and the temperature dipped to zero.  

There were a ton of San Diego fans there which was nice.  The guy sitting in front of us was wearing shorts.  He didn't even seem to be bothered by the frigid conditions.  I had an icicle hanging off my nose and I couldn't feel hands.

After the 6th inning we went and bought hot chocolate.  I haven't bought hot chocolate at a game since my first Padres game.  At that game I had eaten so much food that I puked said Hot Chocolate all over the stairs at the Murph and then again in a urinal in the bathroom.  I don't remember what else happened at that game but memories like these stay with you.

When we got back to our seats the hot chocolate at been frozen into a chocolate Popsicle.  They also have a guy that walks around the stands with a Ghost Buster type back pack on that shoots hot chocolate out of this long tube.  I kept wishing that I had a back pack like that, well that or a really warm parka.

I think that was the coldest I've ever been at a game.  There were a couple times at Petco where I was wearing shorts and flip flops when the cold night air got to me.  But I think this was the coldest.  The hottest game was easily the game I went to in St. Louis with theNerdhater, it was about a billion degrees.

Kev and I walked over to try and find MetalSupplier but he wasn't in his seat before the game and during the 5th inning we couldn't find him.

After the game we ran to our car to try and warm up.  Then only with the help of the car heater and heated seats did I finally thaw out.  

No-Cal is cold dudes.