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Offense is the new black

You know how it's "cool" to like pitching and defense more than offense?  I get it, I like a low scoring game that has some intensity to it.  Remember Peavy vs. the Rocket?  That was crazy exciting and you could cut the tension with a knife.  I enjoy all the subtleties that a good pitching duel delivers.  I love the fact that our team has awesome pitchers.  I love it that Peavy was dealing some foul, dirty, filthy junk today.  He'll serve some time in purgatory for that nasty stuff, but that's his problem.

I know we've only played one game so far, but I'm just overjoyed with the offensive output today.    It's so nice to see timely hitting, base runners, and scoring... especially the scoring.  Brian Giles hustling and turning a routine single into a double, Adrian's bat control, Khalil's clutch single and Bard's 4/5 performance.  It's just so much fun to watch. It seems like it's been years (it has been) since I've seen a balanced Padres offense that has potential to drive in runs consistently.  I have a good feeling about this team.  There is something different about them, I see a little spring in their step.  They've got something special.

I'm not ashamed to admit it, I love the offense, keep it coming Padres!