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Open Thread: 4/4 Padres vs. the clinical Giants

Our first night game of the season, can you believe that it has come so soon?  Here we are just the second game of the year and we are celebrating Opening Night in SF.

If you aren't watching the game don't forget that Hall of Famer Dave Winfield will be at Warwick's bookstore tonight at 7:30.  I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to make it as I had planned.

Chris Young (0-0) vs. Matt Cain (0-0)

If you are looking for something to read before the game starts check out this article about the Giles Brothers that was written by their Grandfather. Gaslamp Baller TyBo pointed this out last week but the link is working now. Great pics. The ending of the story was a little bitter sweet, their Grandpa sounds a little lonely. It brings a tear to my eye.