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Open Thread: 4/30, Padres vs. Nationals

It's time for Jake Peavy to eat some innings.  This is no time to go for a strike out record.  It's time to throw some 3 pitch innings and save our bullpen any further use.  Royce Ring is up from Portland and Hampson got sent down because he threw 5 innings yesterday.  

Jose Cruz Jr. and Marcus Giles are out of the lineup.  Buddy Black was talking about the scenario of what would happen if Cruz had to come out of the game yesterday.  They were going to put LaForrest at first, Adrian at Second and Maddux in the outfield.  He said that since Maddux has 16 Gold Gloves that he'd get the nod, plus he's really good at shagging balls during batting practice.  Apparently all the starting pitchers were lobbying to get out there.

Patterson doesn't have an out pitch so lets hammer him tonight!