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Tim Sullivan gives Gaslamp Ball some love

Tim Sullivan Chat Transcript:

fred(Q) Tim, do you read sports message boards? Which one9s)?

Tim Sullivan(A) I look at's forums page almost every day, and am always amazed that the number of people viewing Chargers threads exceeds the number of people online on all other subjects combined. I sometimes look at and for Padres stuff. If anyone has any sites worth studying, please pass them along.

I wonder if he logs in to Gaslamp and is looking for some good insight and sees infrared photos of Schilling's sock and just shakes his head in disgust. "Why do I keep coming back here?!"

Most of the chat deals with the Chargers but if you scroll down, the second half has his takes on the Padres.  Take a look!

A couple things he mentions:

  • He thinks Koozy will be sent to Portland when Branyan gets back if not sooner

  • He likes Petco Park but doesn't like, like Petco Park.

  • He's skeptical about the whole Ichiro thing but thinks it would be good revenue source to tap dat asian market

  • He thinks the Dodgers are going to win the NL West but the Padres could still win 92 games