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The internets suck

So, I turn on the computer this morning and log into ESPN to see if I need to do any changes to my fantasy roster and all my players are locked. No worries. I see the little blue announcement says that they're working on it.

I check again about an hour later and they're no longer locked, but now my entire roster has been cleared. Double yew tee eff? Oh wait. Blue announcement says they know about that too. Working on that one as well.

Check again a few minutes ago and the entire page is completely gone. Seriously terrible. Maybe ESPN should've spent a little more time debugging and less time on the wacky rawkin' fantasy baseball commericials.

OK. So no ESPN. I just paid for a month's worth of Maybe I'll turn on the Mosaic and catch an archive while listening to some analysis or something. Also, I can check on the Player Tracker feature. I spent some time on Sunday transferring over all my fantasy players into the Player Tracker so that I could be notified when something great happens while I'm watching, only to find that the thing was broken and kept replacing my players with a seemingly random set. As of last night, it still wasn't working and said as much on their blog. Let's see if it's working today... Oh what's this? Mosaic's down too? Oh well good for that.

Thank goodness for the internet.