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Padres blow it in the 9th: Cheers and Jeers


  1.  Clay Hensley shaky in the first 3 innings.  
  2.  Furcal, Kent and Ethier with some great defensive plays
  3.  Dodgers stealing bases whenever they want.
  4.  Cameron and Kooz struggling at the plate and in the field.
  5.  Trevor blowing back to back saves.  He had nothing tonight, a hand full of nothing!
  6.  Mental mistake by Adrian when he tried for the lead runner, hesitated and then didn't get anybody.
  1.  Clay looked good in inning four, five and six.  Probably the best he's looked all year.
  2.  Bard had an awesome game with 3 hits and a couple RBI's.  It's so nice having him back in the line up.  
  3.  Khalil with two key sac flies.
  4.  Jose Cruz Jr. deserves to be in the line up every day.  I think he won his spot.
  5.  Linebrink looked good tonight, trade value is rising.
  6.  Adrian had an awesome offensive night, just couldn't catch up with the fastballs in the bottom of the ninth.