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Schilling's alibi seems waterproof... So why is it soaked in BLOOD?

People are much too quick to dismiss this Curt Schilling, bloody sock issue. Curt Schilling himself has gone so far as to call out conspiracy theorists, saying that they're "ignorant" and implying that they can be laughed at for their "stupidity". Most people seem to cower at such a response. Thankfully, for the sake of truth and justice, Gaslamp Ball isn't "most people". We're not going to be thrown off the scent. We're getting to the bottom of this even if it leads us to the top! Curt Schilling will not shake us no matter how many insults he throws from atop his crappy little blog!



That's the sock in the Hall of Fame. We know that this is not the same sock from the ACLS, but rather the sock from the World Series. Coincidence!? Take a closer look at the blood pattern. It looks a little bit like a midget chasing a woman carrying a vase. Is the answer to our question in that blood pattern? And if it is, then what exactly is the question that we're attempting to ask? Who is this midget? Why is he chasing that woman? What's in the vase?

Running some high tech analysis from the Gaslamp Ball Crime Labs:

We start to pick up some heat traces and like chemical things... some spots over... you know right there...

Anyway, it's all very technical. Just know that this is just the first step. Now, let's add in some sonar ectoplasmic radiological analysis.

The image is fundamentally the same. What are we missing? How do we unlock the clues?

This certainly is discouraging. Let me just try one more analysis. It almost never works for anything, but it's worth a shot...

A-HA! There's some distinct changes in the pattern that we pick up. Looks a little bit like a lobster. Zooming in:

OH, DUDE. I just got chills. That's a face, dude. I seriously just got chills. Who's face could that be?

Unfortunately, it hits a little too close to home and I fear we may have uncovered something more than we bargained for. I wouldn't click on it if you're not prepared to have your world ROCKED.

Gaslamp Ball Final Analysis: CLICK TO VIEW. ***PREPARE TO BE SHOCKED***

There's more to this story than anyone could have ever imagined...