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Bullpen waits for proper forum before losing control of bowels

Two things we know about our bullpen:

  1. They're almost completely lights out.

  2. When the lights come on, they want to make sure everybody's around to see it.
Peavy vs Webb was going to get us time on Sportscenter. As much as we complain about East Coast Bias, ESPN is making an effort to get more west coast coverage as they move towards opening the new studios in Hollywood. Peavy striking out 16 was going to get us even more coverage. Peavy coming within one strike of matching a Hall of Fame caliber record was going to get us even more coverage.

And that's the night that our bullpen loses itself.

Top Ten Plays on Sportscenter...
Number TWO: Peavy... Unhittable.

Number one: Stephen Drew homers against Trevor Hoffman.