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OK. Enough crying about the bullpen. Yeah, it's a bummer, but in the grand scheme of things, what's most important?

  • Jake Peavy is unhittable.

  • Jake Peavy is a leading candidate for the Cy Young.

  • Just like other historically painful losses that happen when nothing's really on the line, this is just one loss.
I just saw the Sportscenter coverage of the game and the guys gush about Jake Peavy. Almost the entire recap is of Jake Peavy doing ridiculous things and the blown save is just a curious afterthought. I encourage all of us to look at it that way. It was just a really weird thing and should take nothing away from the bullpen or the team (though Mark Grace's "mistake" of calling Cla Meredith our 8th inning guy the other day really shouldn't have to be a mistake).

I'm not joking when I say that I'm going to go home today and watch the archive of this game. I don't really ever rewatch games unless there's something in particular that I'm looking for, but for this game, I'm going to look for everything about Jake Peavy. I loved this game. As soon as the blown save happened, I turned it off quickly and just went to bed and just replayed the nice parts in my head. The loss doesn't take anything away from what happened in my mind.

Jake Peavy, I know you're married and I'm married, but if you ever want your feet rubbed or your back scratched or your hair shampooed, then just let me know. I will shampoo your hair.

Update [2007-4-26 11:1:30 by Dex]: Cold Pizza question: What's tougher, 9Ks in a row or 4 home runs in a game? They all say 4 home runs. Skip Bayless says that Jake Peavy has the kind of stuff where he should be striking out 9 in a row all the time. Wow, really? I mean, I know it's a compliment, but really?

Update [2007-4-26 12:4:51 by Dex]: The other thing about Peavy's 9 in a row... And these numbers are right there on Cold Pizza... Tom Seaver was the only person in history to have 10 in a row and the only other person with 9 in a row is Mickey Welch.

...when the mound was 50 feet away... 1884...

That's something Peavy should do all the time?