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Some stuff to read... Until I find a better thing to write about edition

  • A good read on Khalil Greene from today's UT. Apparently, Khalil Greene "denied salivating" at the prospects of going to Denver and Phoenix. Krasovic seems to think that he's just playing it cool, but as we all know, it would be illogical for Khalil to salivate as it doesn't help him ball.

  • MLB Trade Rumor's discussion of Linebrink to potentially Philly. I wouldn't mind this, because it would mean that Myers would probably end up back in the rotation and my fantasy team could use his starts. Also, there's a lot of talent on that terrible team that I'm sure Towers would love to snake.

  • Ducksnorts with a breakdown of last night's game. Two old men met and tried to throw down. While both dudes could still breath some fire, 1999 or so would've been a better year if we really wanted to burn the house down. Phoenix and Tempe survived unscathed.