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Happy 40th Birthday Omar Vizquel

Happy Birthday future Hall of Famer Omar Vizquel. Today is the big four-oh! You're no longer in your late 30's, those care free days are behind you now.

You're San Francisco's short stop and so we here in San Diego obviously can't cheer for you, but when you wait until the very last second to throw out one of our runners or pop a tiny single into the outfield we take note. We see you're a little bit cocky and a little bit flamboyant in your play but we like that.

You're also one of the nice guys, when Barry Bonds ignores us, you wave and make friends. That's just the kind of guy you are, you're friendly. That's all it is.

Since you're a Major League Baseball player you're used to getting whatever you want when you want it, so maybe birthdays aren't that big of a deal to you. All those presents and the cake, I want you to really enjoy those because when you grow older you might want things that you had when you were young. Sure you still play a kids game and it has brought you riches and fame, but you're not a kid, not anymore. You can't get toys for your birthday, you have to get power tools and books, that's just the way it is.

So today on your 40th birthday when you blow out your candles be thankful for your friends and family and don't wish for pie when you've already got cake.

Feliz Compleanos!