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Padres Nicknames

I've grown a little bit tired of the first initial last name abbreviation nickname that has been traveling around the majors like a case of the crabs.

I keep wishing we had a good nickname for Adrian Gonzalez just because if anybody deserves one it's him. Also because his first and last name are both three syllables which doesn't roll off the tongue that easily. I started off calling him A-Gon, Dex was really pushing for A-Go, then he came up with "El Natural" which I liked but just hasn't caught on. Ducksnorts was pushing for "El Hombre" for awhile until someone like Pujols was kind of using it.

I knew Dex was going to hate it but I suggested his nickname be "First Aid", I told him it worked on so many levels. Dex hated it as predicted and said you wouldn't be able to cheer for him without people thinking you were calling for help. Fine! Well I hate A-Go, so there.

I was thinking of "The Esse of Eastlake" but was told that may not be complimentary. Adrian grew up in TJ so I was thinking of the "The Tijuana Tornado" and the ideas just got worse from there.

In any case, maybe we should just have a little brain storming session about nicknames. Click read more and I've put a list of guys and the nicknames that I know.

Suggest some new ones if you like.

Heath Bell - Taco Bell
Doug Brocail -- Broken Heart
Kevin Cameron
Justin Hampson -- Sweetheart
Clay Hensley -- Lil' Clay Hensley
Trevor Hoffman
Scott Linebrink -- The Shark, the plot twist, Trading Block
Greg Maddux -- The Professor, Mad Dog
Cla Meredith -- The Claw, Clam
Jake Peavy -- 44 Magnum, Yellowhammer, Bat Break Jake, The Miracle of Mobile
Aaron Rakers
David Wells -- Boomer
Chris Young -- Bug Chunks, CY, Sasquatch, Clinical Giant
Rob Bowen
Pete Laforest
Geoff Blum -- Professor Blum, Blummer, Blummenator
Russell Branyan -- Russell the Muscle, Grand Branyon
Marcus Giles
Adrian Gonzalez -- A-Gon, A-Go, El Natural, First Aid, The Baja Baller, The Baja Basher
Khalil Greene -- Robot, Vulcan, Robot Vulcan, Spockoli, Scientific Calculator, Ol' Fractured Fingers
Kevin Kouzmanoff -- Koozy, The Crushin' Russian, The Mashin' Macedonian
Mike Cameron
Jose Cruz
Brian Giles -- Gilly
Terrmel Sledge -- Sledgehammer
Josh Bard -- Storytime
Royce Ring -- Snacks
Jack Cassell -- Cutie Pie