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Open Thread, 4/20: Somethin's bout to get burnt

Chris Young is looking to get his smoke on tonight! He's gonna light it up and light it out! Hey what? That don't make sense? Hey, man. Did you ever stops to think that maybe what don't make sense is you? Maybe what doesn't make sense is the oppression of my peoples, man. It don't make no sense. It incenses me.

Woah, dude. Look at my hand. Watch my hand. My hand's like in 3D, dude.

Man... Can somebody pick me up? I'm starting to freak out a little bit. I haven't talked in like 2 hours and all I want to do is sit here in this lawn chair. I'm freakin' out man. Seriously, come pick me up. No. I don't remember how I got here. Why's this chick staring at me? Yo, chill, dude. No, I wasn't staring at your girl. Relax, dude. I don't even know her.

I better experience me some baseball to get back to a better frame of mind...

Are you experienced?