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Topics of Discussion

  • What do you think of Aaron Rackers being brought up for Paul MacAnulty?  He looked decent from what I could tell yesterday, though it was tough to see his pitch location from my seats.  Not much was said about Rackers during Spring Training, so it surprises me that he was brought up instead of some of the guys that were in camp longer.  Will he be sent back down after the Colorado series?
  • Will a trip to Colorado wake up some of the dormant bats on the Padres?  Will Mike Cameron and Koozy have a break out series with the mountain air and vast outfield? Is this just what the doctor ordered for a slumping offense (yesterday excluded)?
  • It's already time to Vote for All Stars?  I swear this starts earlier and earlier each year.  Which Padres will make the team?  I'm guessing that only Adrian makes the team.  Will Hoffman make the team after his poor performance last year?
  • David Wells is considering filing a grievance with the league office.  A couple days ago Umpire Doug Eddings rubbed his belly and pretty much told Wells that he's a fatty.  I like how Wells insults him by saying what he wouldn't say:

    "I wouldn't get personal and call him a fat piece of (bleep)."