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San Francisco Giant tries to keep in touch with Padres Fan

Let's play a game of fill in the blanks:

It all started at Monday night's game when me and my friend were watching batting practice before the game.  We were trying to figure out which one was Barry bonds and were pointing on the field. Then the guy next to Barry starts waving and me and my friend were like, is he waving at us? So we look behind us and there's nobody there.  So he points at us and waves again and we wave back.  Then he whispers to his team mates and some of them turn around and wave at us too! We couldn't tell who he was because they were wearing their warm up jackets and he was kinda short so we thought he might be a bat boy or something.  But then one of the other ushers came over and told us it was the [player's position].

   I didn't go to the game on Tuesday because I had to work.  But when I went on Wednesday he started waving at me again so i waved back again.  Then my friend went down there and he said, tell your friend to call me after the game.  And she told me she said, "do you have a baseball you can write the number on?" but he didn't so he wrote it on a piece of paper.  Then she came back to me and gave me his number but i was like there's no way I'm going to call him.  So she went back down and gave him my number.

    During the game I figured out his name and watched him strike out.  I told one of my friends and he looked up ___________ on his cell phone internet and we figured out he was [in his late 30's]! and married!  and had a kid!  So i was like ew.  So yah after the game he text messaged me, "Que pasa, its ___________".  but actually he misspelled it, "que pasd is ___________".  Then I wrote him back, "Nothing, good game tonight," and he wrote me back, "because we lost or what" then i didn't say anything so he texted, "just kidding" then he started calling me and i didn't answer because it was 11pm and he was [in his late 30's] and is married and has a kid!

so that's my ___________ story!