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A-Go 4 Yrs... OMG!!!1!

Actually, I'm a little bummed about Adrian Gonzalez getting his deal because I just acquired him for my Sports MBA Fantasy team, Crushin' Cup Check. I was hoping to be able to continually light a fire under him this season with posts like, "A-Go hits 2 homers... Almost done spending $500 raise" or "A-Go beats out Pujols in NL All-Star race... Last of $500 raise spent celebrating at Olive Garden". With that little fire burning, I'm sure he would've absolutely torn through the season. As it is now, my fantasy team and I have to be on constant Wiki-Watch, which is how I refer to players who receive contracts and then completely reverse their attitudes. Remember when Wiki Gonzalez was the fiery catcher to replace Ben Davis? Remember how fat he got when he got his raise? One good thing about only getting a $500 raise... You can only buy so many carne asada burritos with that.

In other news:

  • BallHype has launched. I encourage all of you to sign up as it looks positioned to be the of sports. Join the Padres Nation and Charger Fans groups. Make me your friend. Hype Gaslamp Ball. Add us and Ducksnorts and Padres MVN and any other San Diego sports as your favorites. Now's our chance to show everybody that fairweather fans have some pull.

  • It's opening day! Padres baseba- what? What do you mean we have to wait till tomorrow? What do you mean we're the last team to open their season? Everybody else gets a head start!? What kind of bullsh_t is that!? I CALL BULLSH_T!!

  • In news that nobody else would care about except me... My fantasy teams appear off to a nice start. Picked up a Glavine win yesterday