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Boyfriend won't let her obsess about Clay Hensley

Why do all the Gaslamp Ball Girls love Hensley?

A Gaslamp Baller needs our help, this guy sounds like a choad:

Let me first say that I love the gaslamp site!!! but i have a problem!  I thought you or dex or your readers would know how to help me.  I have a serious crush on Clay Hensley.  I totally think he's cuuute and I'm probably in love with him :)  but I'm totally not psycho girl or anything.  my problem is that my bf is totally jealous and won't let me even talk about Clay or watch his games!!!  If he sees that I'm watching a game he makes sure that Clay isn't pitching and if he is he changes the channel. He totally tried to start going to the gym so that he could be all cut like Clay but he just seemed to turn into a meathead.  It's not Clay's muscles that I like, Clay seems really smart.  Maybe if my bf picked up a book or something.  The last thing I need is a meathead bf who puts too much gel in his hair.  I appreciate him trying, I totally do, but I just wantto watch Clay on TV.  Should I just continue to watch the games and get my boyfriend all angry at me and jealous of Clay?   Or should i give up on watching my clay play just to make him happy?  By the way my bf is a Giants fan!!!  What shooould I do?!