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Padres Lose

I was listening to the game on the radio for the first 2 innings.  I'm real slow about changing my car presets, I just now switched from 1090 am to 105.7 fm. I should have done this ages ago. It's like Leitner is whispering sweet nothings into my ear, it's that good.

Anyway my first question? Mike Cameron misplayed another ball in center field? This is like 3 in the past week, right? I think the first one was blamed on the color of the sky, the second one was the Chicago wind and this one was also blamed on the sky color. Is this going to be regular thing? Is he color blind? Do we need to get Cameron some glasses? Let's look into this.

I get to this little bar in Ocean Beach and they have about 12 TV's and only two are playing the game. The nice HD is playing a Hockey Game. I order a burger and they forgot to cook it, so I'll probably be dead by morning.

I'm asked by this girl sitting next to me at the bar, "Do you know anything about the Padres?" Now I'm not going to call myself an expert or anything but I'm pretty plugged in. I modestly say "Yeah I'm an expert". She asks "So what's up with Paul MacAnulty being sent down?" I'm like "Paul who? Maca-what now?"

No just kidding, but for some one who is constantly searching for Padres news I hadn't heard a thing. I'm guessing that KT is bringing up another pitcher and had to move P-Mac to make space. What's the deal?

Now I'm watching the umps screw us over, the D-Backs have at least 3 extra guys on their team.

I'm getting frustrated, cursing Mike Cameron, cursing the umps, cursing Petco Park. Why can't we hit? What's the scientific reason why Petco Park allows one Padres home run a month? I've heard people talk about the heavy sea air, but San Francisco doesn't have that problem. I'm pretty sure that the dimensions of Petco make it quite a bit bigger, but between the sea air, the dimensions and the lack of hitting our offense makes me feel sick inside. Then again that could be the mushy uncooked hamburger.

The good news is that David Wells pitched a gem, Brian Giles seems to be heating up after his 4-6 performance and at least Webb didn't get the win.