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Padres Victory!

Jon and I went to the ball game today. Beautiful day here in San Diego. There were long lines at the ticket window with everybody snatching up the 2-for-1 tickets. We wore our matching Gaslamp Ball t-shirts, held hands most of the day and skipped just about everywhere we went. Okay only one of those statements is true, but I'll let you decide which one.

As soon as we entered the park I swear I saw legendary broadcaster Dick Enberg walking up the stairs. I think I was the only one that recognized him and I was going to ask him for a picture but he disappeared into the crowd.

Jon and I grabbed some grub from Anthony's and Randy Jones BBQ before heading to our seats high above the third base line. This guy sitting next to us was drooling over our food and wouldn't stop talking about how good it smelled and how hungry he was. I'm not sure what he was fishing for, it's not like I was gonna give him a bite of my BBQ. I might have given him a bit of slaw, but he was really starting to bug. Finally he left with his buddies to get some food of his own.

Jon and I watched as Peavy hit a triple and then followed up with a double. We were talking about how awesome it would be if Peavy was the first Padre to hit for the cycle. Then we got scared that all of that running was going to tire him out and make him blow the game.

Some of you have been wanting your fix of Pad Squadders. We headed down to the field level and watched as Pad Squadders pummeled the crowd with foam balls and t-shirts. We saw these two Pad Squad men talking, one asked the other "How many lives do you think you changed for the better today just by being a Pad Squadder?" He silently answered by holding up four fingers as pictured. We were in awe!

Here's just a couple of photos of some of the action. Adrian Gonzalez right before he singled to right field and Buddy Black bringing in Cla Meredith with two men on and in the middle of the count.

Next we met up with three Party Girls in their seats behind home plate. The picture above is two of them cloaked in mysterious shadows. Oddly enough they were partying.

Things I learned from the Party Girls:

  1. It's hard to concentrate on the game if Party Girl has broken sun glasses, it's really distracting
  2. If you take Cla Meredith's first name and first initial of his last name it spells "clam".
  3. If you are in doubt about what Party Girls are talking about, you can guess tanning and you'll be right about 70% of the time.