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Hit King signs a baseball for Tony Gwynn

Tony Gwynn has this little cabinet with signed baseballs from each of the living 3000 hit club members.  It was a gift he received when he hit number 3000.  Most of the balls are signed with a quick message to him. 

The ball pictured above is signed by Pete Rose.  The thing that cracks me up is that he signed it:

Pete Rose

Now I know that his company is named Hit King, but it just comes off as very pompous to write that "Hit King" underneath your signature. I guess any time you refer to yourself as a king it's hard not to sound pompous.  I thought to myself, "Man Pete Rose might just be a little bit full of himself".  I wonder if he's ever been accused of that before.  Maybe should just go ahead and change his name to Hit King.  Jerk.