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Dodger Fan doesn't care if you're pregnant. Dodger Fan just wants to throw.

After our post earlier this week, I've been reading comments and even though I know that you shouldn't paint groups of people with a wide brush, it's becoming a feeling to me that going to Dodger Stadium and finding jerks is equivalent to going to the grocery store and finding food.

Even though we have stories of Dodger Fan threatening to pee on Padres Fan, I think this story by PadFanInLA takes the cake. A key snippet:

Before I could blink, four of these numbskulls were in our faces, yelling and threatening us. One of them was a woman, who approached and began attacking (punching) my wife. Did I mention that (1) my wife was 7 months pregnant (quite obviously!) and (2) my wife is a DODGER fan?!?!
Dodger Fan is like some kind of rabid animal. Just keep in mind that if you're in Chavez Ravine, Dodger Fan is willing to pee (and probably poop) on you, and, if given the opportunity, will attempt to attack the weaker members of your group and eat their young.