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Friday the thirteenth just won't quit

I'm honestly disgusted.

Is it the weather? Is the cold weather getting to the Padres? Is it Friday the thirteenth still on our heads? The team looks amazingly bad. Part-time Gaslamp Baller Smooth Jazz Man is obviously excited. Say what you will, but as much grief as we give Smooth Jazz Man, when his team absolutely schools our team then he deserves to toot the horn a little bit. I'd honestly put his post on the front page, but it's kinda long and I'm a little bitter. Still, I encourage you to check it out.

I have some questions about the Padres though.

  1. Does Mike Thompson suck? Honestly. I'm watching "highlights" and I'm having trouble deciding if he sucks or not.

  2. What's up with Clay Hensley? Maybe we should bring up a starter and put Clay Hensley back in the long relief role till he can sort himself out.

  3. What's the earliest date that you can pull out the panic button? I know you shouldn't pull it out real early, but seriously, when we win games, we win them by 1 run. When we lose games, we get blown out and I don't count the 9th inning "comebacks" that fizzle.
Seriously, those games where we make up points late in the game are still blowouts. I know the glass half full among us will say that it shows the Padres never quit... That they always have fight... I say that unless you actually win, it doesn't matter if you have fight at the end of the game. I'd rather have fight at the beginning of the game than at the end. More accurately, you want to have fight at the beginning, middle and end and somewhere in the middle you want it to be plainly obvious that even if the other guy has fight at the very end, it won't be enough.

The Karate Kid was just a movie. In the reality of pro baseball, you want to be Cobra Kai.