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Open Thread, Jackie Robinson Day: Padres vs Dodgers

I had written something here before, but I decided to move it to Read More since I think that I'm probably in the minority as far as the Jackie Robinson game goes. However, if you want to read what I wrote originally, then go for it...


Chris Young takes his amazing away record to Chavez Ravine to face the hated Dodgers who try to win our hearts by all wearing 42. Now, if Chris Young were actually playing against an entire team of Jackie Robinsons, then that would be one thing, but as it is he's actually playing against a group of imposters, all pretending to be Jackie Robinson by wearing a number that was never to be worn again in honor of a man who's worth could never be matched.

Jackie Robinson was a man who stood for so much and who paved the way for minorities 60 years ago. And here we are at Chavez Ravine, built on the remains of a vibrant Mexican American community, which was torn apart by developers to steal the Dodgers away from Brooklyn and displace thousands of people less fortunate under the guise of eminent domain. How fitting then that the Dodgers should have to face the Padres, a team that has looked to represent not only San Diego, but also Mexico. A Padres win here would certainly be symbolic of something though I doubt many people would care to think that hard about it.

Just in case you were having trouble lighting that dislike for the Dodgers. ;)