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Nevin on the Radio

I was just listening to the 1090 pre-game show.  They had Phil Nevin in the booth.  I can tell you with much certainty that I don't miss that guy at all.

Phil did his three ups and three downs.


  1.  He likes what baseball is doing with the Jackie Robinson Celebration.  I groaned when I heard this, I was worn out by talking about it all in that post below.  I also confirmed that I was on the right side of the issue if Phil Nevin likes it.  Some how he thought that the MLB was sticking it to the NFL by letting players show some individuality.  Nevin is nuts.
  2.  He like Eric Young on Sports Center.  He says EY was one of his favorite teammates ever.  He thinks EY looks good in a suit. Darren likes how EY picked the Padres/Dodgers series as the best of the weekend.
  3.  He likes how Hernandez went to town on Dice-K. He says "Enough with Dice-K already". He says that Japanese pitchers only pitch once a week so he's not all that. Plus he says the gyro ball is just a backup slider.
  1.  He doesn't like how on the front page of the paper the UT was reliving the time when the Dodgers hit 4 home runs in a row last season.  He kept referring to the Padres as "we" like he was part of the team.
  2.  He doesn't like how the Rangers are replacing Aki with Gagne in the closing role.  They talked a bit about how Aki comes out of the bullpen to Hell's Bells in Texas.  Nevin likes it even though he was unsure of it at first.
  3.  He doesn't like how Seattle has to make up 4 games with Cleavland due to the weather.
Anybody else listening?  I guess it's not that important.  It is Nevin after all.

I feel sick I just ate too much Sombrero's Mexican food.  I'll try to remember as I digest.