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The week in comments...

matto619 on what players do on their off days

Clay Hensley: toning abs and obliques, read latest issue of Muscle and Fitness

P-Mac: trying the new Angus burger

Chris Young: placing things on hard to reach high shelves

Josh Bard: give a resounding performance of Go Dog Go to some senior citizens
Drama on Kouzmanoff's walk-off win "celebration"

Something is going to happen to Kouz in the shower that will take years or therapy to erase.
TheGrandHatching on wearing 42
It's completely ironic to honor someone by wearing their retired number. It's a symbolic tribute with bad symbolism. I blame the lack of creativity on Ken Griffey Jr, the brainchild of all this.
bktabinga on's weird screen instead of commercials
i want to see freaking hells bells. this pong/arkenoid thing was funny at first, but its old now. show the damn live between inning feed.
Regarding that last one... I kinda wonder what that arkanoid thing is too. I've clicked it more than once to try to play and it always ends up pausing the feed and I have to wait for it to buffer again. I'm like a child. You put something that looks like a video game in front of me and I try to play with it.