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BREAKING NEWS: Thompson and Brocail returning "stuff" to Fry's Electronics tells us what all the players are doing on their off day.

Mike Thompson and Doug Brocail will be headed to Fry's Electronics to return "things" and "stuff".

Kevin Cameron will relax unless he gets "frisky" in which case he will play golf.  Although if his wife was in town and Cameron was feeling "frisky" then he admits that they would "see all the sites".

Khalil Greene says the he will "recharge".  No surprise here.  Robots need energy to dampen any and all emotions.

These are the only people that the article mentions, but it's pretty safe to assume what the rest of the guys are doing.

Geoff Blum is fixing his hair in front of a mirror, maybe trying out new hair products.  Brian Giles will be tanning, exfoliating, removing body hair and general grab assing.  David Wells will be hunting stray dogs in O.B.  It's all just normal everyday stuff that we all do.