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Open Thread: Dice-K versus Ichiro Live Blog

Are you guys watching this?

It's the biggest event in Japanese baseball history. Place your bets!!! I'm betting Dice-K strikes him out on 5 pitches.

Update [2007-4-11 19:14:23 by Dex]: Groundout to Dice-K on 6 pitches. This is f_ckin' epic.

Update [2007-4-11 19:20:24 by Dex]: Where the f_ck are you people? This is some seriously epic sh_t going down here.

Update [2007-4-11 19:31:25 by Dex]: Kenji Johjima got a double off of Dice-K. I bet Ichiro's honorable heart is burning right now that Johjima demonstrated what Ichiro could not.

Update [2007-4-11 19:43:51 by Dex]: Ichiro up again! Pop fly on two pitches to center field. The f_ckin' epicness of this is blowing my mind.

Update [2007-4-11 20:16:23 by Dex]: Ichiro up soon. I'm guessing groundout to third. I'll admit. The epicness is starting to wear off on me.

Update [2007-4-11 20:20:27 by Dex]: Even though the epicness is wearing off, that sequence of pitches to strike out Ichiro was f_ckin' epic. Holy fudge.