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Okay here's two links:

While you were making spitballs and passing gas in the back of that minor league bus, Chris Young was writing an epic thesis for Princeton. Don't even try to compare yourself to Chris young. You don't measure up in so many ways. His thesis was written about Jackie Robinson, Racism and the media.

Newcombe enhances Young's appreciation for Jackie:

"We spent three hours at lunch. I was all ears," Young said. "I learned that even Don Newcombe, who was a teammate and friend of Jackie's, was in awe of the man's presence. He told me one story of Jackie coming to the mound and telling him he'd kick his butt after the game if he didn't start competing. He said Jackie lit a fire in him."

If you haven't noticed already there is a new Padres blog Friar Watch that will... well I'll let him explain:

What is this blog about: Watching the Padres. Specifically, I'll be watching all the Padre pitchers throughout the year and attempting to spot trends, injuries and the like.