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A quick update on my gambling habit

So after yesterday's post, I went ahead and enlisted the help of Gaslamp Baller Rob to do the rest of my picks yesterday and let me tell you... He didn't do so good. Now, I'm not calling him out, because he was my secret weapon for this year's Sports MBA Fantasy Baseball draft, but I thought he could make picks. He's always telling me about the picks and how I should pay him for those picks.

Well, no more. I'm picking on my own. And I think I'm gonna start picking basketball. The reason? BallHype.

Are you guys on BallHype yet? I'm a little bit addicted to it. Maybe because it falls in line with my work and also cause I like sports and blogs, and maybe because I'm kinda good at it. For example, last week I came in second in the Overall Golden Picks contest. And 5th in the MLB Golden Picks contest. And, lo and behold, first place in the NBA Golden Picks contest!

So why do I resort to secret weapons? I dunno either. I really should be taking it to Vegas though.