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Tonight's Game

Just got back from the game.  Some things I learned:

  1.  If you have Matt Cain on the ropes in the first inning with the bases loaded, go ahead and finish him off before he throws a no-hitter for like 8 innings.
  2.  Brian Giles is an excellent right fielder.  That guy makes so many nice catches out there that I just expect him to catch everything.
  3.  Khalil Greene can work a pitcher.  I always think of Khalil swinging wildly and not being much of a contact hitter.  That was an insane at bat where he worked Cain for like 15 pitches and fouling off like 7 in a row.
  4.  John Weisbarth is cool under pressure.  Just before doing the Trivia Contest.  The camera breaks and Weisbarth and the camera man start scrambling before the PA Announcer saves him by reading the questions himself.
  5.  The Pads have a game between just about every inning.  I like the new "Let's make a deal" game where you start with a $10 dollar card for Jack in the Box and get to trade for something better or worse.  New baseball cap shell game too.
  6.  I might, just might have a little crush on Pad Squadder #17.  She seriously has a rifle for an arm.  Standing on the third base line she was throwing foam balls into Field Reserve section 116 on line.  I saw kids dodging out of the way because they were being thrown so hard.  Dudes I think the Pad Squad might be on 'roids.
  7.  Red Ruff has a bat that is really a t-shirt bazooka.  A Pad Squadder packs it with a shirt and he shoots into the upper deck.  Giant red dogs probably shouldn't be playing with fire arms.  I saw him waving that thing around and Pad Squadders running in front of it and all I could think of was the blood bath that is imminent.
  8.  Randy Winn should have let Geoff Blum's foul ball drop and it would have saved the run.
  9.  Barry Bonds got owned by the Claw.
  10.  Sitting next to Giants Party Girls you learn things about drunk tanks, Barry's bubble butt and if you double fist beers you really don't get too upset when Hoffman closes out your team.