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Some stuff to read... Ass Edition

Let's pull out the Gaslamp Ball machine gun and fire some bullets, yo.

  • Padres start out at 5th on's power ranking. Dodgers and Diamondbacks help round out 3 NL West teams in the top 10. NL Worst my ass!

  • Pretend I'm the Padres and you're Matt Cain. Oh you want to throw a no-hitter against me? How bout I show you what I can do on just two hits as I pull a victory out of my ass!

  • Some people don't like the camo unis. Some people think that we should go back to brown and yellow. I'm growing more and more fond of the camos and think that those, as well as the brown and yellows, kick ass!

  • Randy Jones BBQ has a new location in Toyota Terrace. That stuff is delicious though it's not spicy enough for Kev. Kev likes having so many spices that it feels like there's a fire in his ass!

  • (UGH. That was a bad one. Breather. Breather.)
Actually... I'm just gonna quit there and get to work on a new post so that this one doesn't stay on top for very long...