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Dave Winfield was on Pros vs. Joes

I saw commercials for "Pros vs. Joes" earlier in the week and saw that Dave Winfield was competing.  I cringed when I heard that it was "New York Legends" night on the show.  That show is so bad.  It's a good idea, but it is executed so poorly, it's barely watchable.  

I decided I better watch it, but ended up forgetting.  The nerdhater told me that I didn't miss too much.  He said all the Joes threw like girls and he was amazed at how quickly Pro athletes lose their skills.  He said Boggs looked sharp, but Winfield looked like a good softball player.  

One competition was trying to strike out the Pros and another was trying to field balls off the green monster after being hit by Winfield.

Anybody else see it?