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Tony Gwynn on Tony Gwynn's statue

As many of you know, the legitimacy of this blog is growing daily in the eyes of the sports community.  Little did we know how much influence we could have on the Padres' front office.   Dex and jbox had this grand idea for a tribute to Tony Gwynn in the form of a statue.  Well, eight statues to be exact.

It turns out, the Padres have agreed to meet us half way (actually 1/8 of the way). They are going to unveil a statue of Mr. Padre himself on July 21st at PETCO Park as Dex mentioned in his parlay last week.

I managed to catch T Gwynn on XX this morning, and when asked what he thought of the concept for the statue, he laughed.  He said it looks real good, and he's very happy with it.

I know we're all wondering what year of his career they chose to represent in the statue.  My guess is it will be T Gwynn slapping a shot in the 5.5 hole in his early years.