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Brian Giles is naked again

Yahoo Sports

"Hey guys, that's my brother," a buck naked Brian Giles said to a roar of laughter.

You're telling me that Giles is running around naked?

Giles said Rettenmund is working with him on keeping his head upright, which is helping his vision and allowing his bat to stay parallel through the ball, making it easier for him to drive it to the gaps.

Wait, are we still talking about naked Giles?  If we are that's nasty.

It remains to be seen how much fun the Padres have this season - losing tends to turn quirky pranksters into annoyances - but hearing Harry's words of praise for his new leadoff man, it seemed only natural to ask Giles if people should start calling him "Leadoff Larry".

"You can call me what you want," Giles said. "Just don't call me late for dinner."