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Suggestion Box: Gaslamp Ball Night at Petco

I need some suggestions. How meaningful would it be for you if we had a Gaslamp Ball Night at Petco Park? I'm going to list off some things and I want recommendations and response as to how you'd feel about this kind of stuff. If you're a lurker, now would be a pretty decent time to make yourself seen as I'm pretty sure that if we do this, you'll have to be registered to take advantage.

OK... Here's what we're thinking for Gaslamp Ball Night at Petco:

  • Reserved tickets in the same section at a discount

  • Tickets only available through the Gaslamp Ball site

  • Gaslamp Ball exclusive discount voucher for food/merchandise
Now, some of the questions that we're looking at...
  • How much are you willing to pay?

  • What perks would make you want to go?

  • How many guests would you bring?

  • What night of the week would be good for you?

  • Would you go? Seriously. If you're out of town, would you be willing to travel?
Also, does it make any difference to you if this were an official Padres recognized night or not? Like how much difference would it make to you if it happened to show up in a schedule as Gaslamp Ball Night. I know I'd love it, but would it matter to you?

Please let me know any answers or suggestions. I can't give a lot of details right now, but your responses go a long way towards making something like this happening. Thanks!