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AGon is awesome

It looked like the same old Adrian Gonzalez as last season, as the first baseman went 3-for-3 with an opposite-field home run and a double.

Cup Checked Kid may lose his balls

A locker room prank as common as the snapped towel has one high school student in danger of felony assault charges and another in danger of losing his testicles, according to a story in the Sacramento Bee.
"They do this thing called the 'cup check,' " said sheriff's Lt. Kevin House.

The Baseball cup check has been around forever.  We don't hear much about it because just about everybody wears a cup.  The problem with this story is that this was a snowboard team.  You can pretty much assume that a snowboarder isn't wearing a cup. Hey snowboarder, let's leave the jock punching to the experts, okay?