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John Moores speaks


I can't remember the last time I heard John Moores actually speak about the Padres.  

"I was obviously disappointed as hell in the postseason - but I think this team potentially is a notch or two above last year,"
"In order for this team to win it all, we're going to need some guys to have breakout years, but it could happen. Can this team win it all? Why not? We won more games than St. Louis last year, and they won it all. It could happen."

Moores thinks Bochy is a child?!

What are Moores' impressions of Black?

"He is an adult," Moores said. Before elaborating, he said his comments shouldn't be construed as a slight to Bruce Bochy, whom Black is replacing.

"Black's a different guy obviously than Bochy - and that's not taking anything from Bochy. I love Bruce - but Black is different from him," Moores said. "He just interviews well, says all of the right things, is a baseball nut. He seems to have superior baseball personnel skills."

Moores also gushes about how smart Kevin Towers is and how he respects teams that win the World Series without spending much money.