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The Giles Brothers backlash begins

OK. So I'm all for mirth and good times. And impish behavior? Sure. Why not? Good for morale. And what the heck. I've been known to crack a genitalia joke here and there. Sure, I may not be down with peeing on people or getting peed on, but maybe that's just my sense of humor. Yeah, it's funny, but it's unsanitary even if it does happen in the shower.

And I don't want anybody to think that I really don't like the team, because I do. I think we have a really solid team. I'm anticipating great things.

But can we grow up a little? Seriously. Like when Deadspin starts referring to players on your team as tards, then maybe we should cool it a little with all of the "in-depth" clubhouse reporting. I know the beat guys at the UT have a lot of stories to file, but honestly, maybe just leave the "zany" Giles brothers stories alone for a while. There's nothing worse than a "respected" news source beating a joke into the ground.

Of course, when a blog does it, that's one thing, but seriously UT. It's not even that funny. I want to keep liking these guys, but the season hasn't started and I'm already sick of it.

Update [2007-3-29 19:42:20 by Dex]: OK OK. Man. I move across the country and apparently I lose all touch with reality. If everybody likes this stuff then I like it too. Maybe I was just hungry this morning.