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Todd Walker release a touchy subject in the Club House

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Padres manager Bud Black, moving to defuse tension in the clubhouse, confirmed that he talked to some players about the decision. The subject was a ticklish one among players. "You have a 10-foot pole for me?" said one veteran player when asked for a comment.

Giles quickly took off his pants and came running, hoping to capitalize on a good "pole" joke.  When you're Giles and you only have one punch line you've got to take advantage.

Unless the Padres were to lose a grievance on the Walker release, the club will open the season with a payroll of nearly $60 million, which includes past buyouts, the Walker termination pay, $600,000 in deferred salary to Tony Gwynn and prorated signing bonuses.

Tony Gwynn is still getting deferred money?!