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Open Thread: 3/26: San Diego vs. Kansas City  Clay licks his lips after throwing a strike.

Ladies prepare to feast your eyes on Lil' Clay Hensley as he makes his Channel 4 debut this season.  Maybe he pitched already this year in front of the cameras, but I don't remember and trust me I would remember.  I do a little memorizing job on Clay just like the rest of you.  I watch as he wiggles his hips before each pitch and how he licks his lips after each strike.  "Ol' Hips and Lips" Hensley is what I call him.  These feelings we have for him are completely natural so don't worry, it's nature dudes.  Just as Wells feasts on Zebras in the Sarrengetti.

Turn on your TV's, scoot up to the edge of your chair and get ready for some Padres baseball in full color and moving pictures.

Let's hear some chatter.  Go Padres!