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Todd Walker sent walking

The UT and Gaslamp Baller FUBYU are reporting that Todd Walker is being released soon... like tomorrow.

An arbitration panel last month set Walker's salary at $3.95 million, but the full salary wasn't guaranteed. By releasing Walker before Wednesday's deadline, the Padres are obligated to pay him only $987,000.

But the issue may not end there. The Padres' representative with the players' union, Chris Young, has said the union could file a grievance on Walker's behalf and would have a good case.

You know what sucks about this article they post the picture of Walker misplaying a ball with a dopey look on his face.  Is that how you send him out?  He also looks a little dumpy in that photo.  Couldn't they find a more slimming picture?  You just don't do that to a guy.  It's one thing cheating him out of his 3 million dollars but making him look bad?

They should have posted a picture of Chris Young doing paper work for the Player's Union.  Like sitting behind a typewriter with bifocals, a three-piece suit and a brief case.  Hell, stick a #2 pencil behind his ear if you must.

Anyway, see you around Todd Walker we hardly knew you.  We didn't really want to get to know you much better, you were more of an acquaintance than a friend, but don't take that the wrong way.  It's just that it's P-Mac time and we can't have you holding him back.  We gotta play P-Mac before he goes over 250lb and his knees collapse under his own weight.