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Open Thread, Over/Under: Greg Maddux and Clay Hensley

Well, my Sports MBA Roto League draft was last night and I had Secret Weapon (Gaslamp Baller Rob) drafting my team for me. All in all, I like the look of my team. I should hopefully be able to run away with steals with Jose Reyes anchoring SS. And my BA will be ridiculous with Joe Mauer and Robinson Cano. All in all, we'll just have to see how the season goes.

What Padres did Secret Weapon draft? Greg Maddux and Clay Hensley. What do you think of their lines? It's a two-fer-one over/under gameday. Predictions courtesy of Yahoo baseball and my predictions in parentheses...

Greg Maddux
W: 15 (U: 15? I wish)
L: 14 (U: I don't think he'll see enough of the later innings to take that many losses)
HR: 20 (U: Maddux at Petco should be fun to watch)
K: 117 (U: Padres pitch to contact philosophy + Maddux is less than 117)
ERA: 4.20 (U: happily)
WHIP: 1.22 (O: Though I smell a push)

Clay Hensley
W: 11 (U)
L: 12 (U: Jeez Yahoo... We have a bullpen)
HR: 15 (U)
K: 122 (U: 122! How does Yahoo come up with their numbers?)
ERA: 3.71 (U)
WHIP: 1.34 (U)