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Open Thread, Over/Under: Jake Peavy

So pjbno4 thinks that Jake's the only Padre worth drafting if you're a Padres fan. Let's do a quick over/under on our resident airport policewoman antagonist. Our prediction today comes from ESPN the Magazine.

Jake Peavy
W: 13
L: 11
K: 217
ERA: 3.52
WHIP: 1.18

Judging from spring training, I don't think Maddux is having much of an effect on Peavy's tendency to try to strike everybody out. However, I think there's renewed intensity within Jake to prove that he's the ace of this staff. Therefore:

Over 13
Under 11
Over 217 (Jake wins the strikeout title again)
Over 3.52 (thanks to some spectacular flameout losses)
Over 1.18

I'm thinking Jake's still worth the pick just on the basis of him actually striking out every single batter he faces this season. Literally.

P.S. Check out ESPN the Magazine with Lefty on the cover. There's a nice one page piece on Jake Peavy and his thoughts on spring training. Somebody left him an orange t-shirt with "I'm Out On Bail" on it. Oh you ballplayers and your antics!