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Girl Detective suspects a deal is in the works

Drama just sent me the news that the Padres have acquired Justin Germano off waivers. Now, our bullpen is supposedly among the best in the majors already. There's obviously no room for Germano in the rotation. He would've been on his way to triple-A in the Phillies organization. Where's he headed in San Diego?

Well, as you all know, I very much enjoyed pretending that I was Nancy Drew Girl Detective in my younger days and as I pull out my magnifying glass and check the clues, my girl detective instincts have once again kicked in. Nancy Drew, Girl Detective as played by Dex, Gaslamp Baller suspects that the Padres are about to make a deal. Could Germano be an extra arm to sweeten the often rumored Linebrink for anybody who you might happen to offer deal? Girl Detective thinks he is.