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Open Thread, Over/Under: Kevin Kouzmanoff

OK, so maybe Bard isn't draft-worthy. What about Kevin Kouzmanoff? The Crushin' Russian is supposed to be the next big thing. What do you think? Over/Under:

Kevin Kouzmanoff
Ave: .290
OPS: .847
HR: 23
SB: 4
RBI: 86
R: 75
K: 89

Now if this is true, then I'm all about drafting Kouzmanoff as a sleeper third baseman. With those numbers, he's potentially a top 10 third baseman in mixed leagues. And if you believe in his upside, then he may actually be even better than this. Since I've almost already sold myself on drafting him, I'm going to pull a reverse jinx on him and say that his real stats will be under on everything, including strikeouts.

What do you think?