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Most Annoying Fan Poll

I love how Red Sox and Dodger fans are tied for "most annoying" with 25% of the vote each. It's understandable why Padres fans find Dodger Fans annoying, but the Red Sox?

Red Sox fans must really be annoying if they bug us from across the country and we never even play them. They got my vote though, I think it's the fact that every Boston fan thinks you care just as much about Boston as they do. Maybe it's that they have stupid movies like "Fever Pitch", fans like Ben Affleck, Matt Damon and reality TV contestants, books like "Now I can die in peace..." and ESPN plays their games to death on National TV. Maybe one day they will take the hint, but they are probably so focused on themselves they don't even know they are annoying.

Cardinal Fans with zero votes! I guess they really are the best fans in baseball.